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Random Gift of Knitting


I’m probably one of the most selfish knitters on the face of the earth. It’s rare that I knit anything specifically for anyone. I’ve knit scarves for my best friends and my sister. I’ve also made a few baby gifts and I knit a sock monkey hat for my cousin’s little girl. I’ve even done some test knitting for Kate Atherley, Alex Tinsley, Donna Druchunas and the late Karrie Steinmetz.  But, that’s really about it.  Knitting is one of the few things in my life without deadlines, without expectations, and without any pressure.  Right now, I have 9 projects on my needles and I’m in absolutely no hurry to finish any of them.  When I do give away something, it’s usually as much of a surprise to me as it is to the person I give it to.  Which brings me to my Random Gift of Knitting.

Last weekend was a not-so-great weekend.  Feeling down for various reasons, I decided to visit one of my local yarn shops.  No big surprise there except that I had absolutely no reason to go and had no project in mind that I really wanted to get yarn for.  Again, no big surprise as we knitters habitually do this anyway.  In any case, I decided to get some yarn to knit up the Mosaic Cowl featured in the current issue of Vogue Knitting.  There’s no big commitment of time for a cowl, right?  So, just as I thought I’d get out of that LYS without buying enough yarn to knit 6 sweaters, I spied a pile of Berroco Brio.  Each skein came with a copy of the Darn Knit Kinetic Cowl designed by Carly Stipe.   So, I buy one skein of Brio and this past Sunday, I knit up this gorgeous cowl in around 2 hours.  I thought to myself that I’d wear it to work sometime this week.  Spirits; lifted.

So, I get to work on Tuesday and I find out that one of my sweet co-workers has broken up with her boyfriend that she’d been dating for several months and had become pretty serious about.  As she told me about her not-so-great weekend (almost in tears), I decided to try to cheer her up.  I would give her the cowl that I made over the weekend (along with a card from Hallmark’s ‘Men are Pigs’ line of greeting cards.)  Well, I did just that and the next day, she walked up to my desk with a huge smile on her face wearing the cowl I had given her.  I think it totally lifted her spirits this week.  And that Random Gift of Knitting, in turn, lifted mine 🙂

Dragonscale Capelet and Lacy Cuffs


I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Noro yarn.  I absolutely love the colors and the fiber itself, but I hate handling it.  It gets twisted easily and sometimes the color changes aren’t as consistent as I’d like them to be.  That said, I seldom pass up a Noro Magazine or Noro Book or Noro anything.  And when you find an awesome pattern to show off those lovely colors and the yarn (in this case, Noro Silk Garden Lite) handles like a dream, it becomes a labor of love.  Here’s the Dragonscale Capelet and Lacy Cuffs from the latest issues (#4 and #5) of the Knit Noro Magazine.